City Prediction

Amazing magic on the spectators iPhone by World Champion Magician, SOMA. Unlike other magic apps, this trick is not performed on the magician's phone, so the spectator will not assume that a tricky app is involved. City Prediction is a pure miracle performed on the spectator's iPhone in his/her hand. It is so unbelievable it will leave the audience speechless and amazed.


= The effect =

The magician asks for the spectator’s iPhone and asks her to open in her browser. After the performer turned it away for a few seconds, he puts it face-down on the table. From this point, nobody will touch the phone but the spectator. First she names a city - it is completely free of choice, no lists or restrictions are involved. Then she turns her iPhone over and surprisingly realizes that the city she named is marked in the previously opened Google Maps.

The trick is easy to perform, requires minimal setup and practice. The app includes written instructions and a video guide, as well.

= Facts =

- Works with any iPhone or iPad with iOS6+
- NO voice recognition used
- NO force used
- NO pre-show used
- Spectator can name virtually ANY city in the world
- Nothing is installed on the spectator’s device
- City is marked in Google Maps
- A brand new method never used in magic before



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