'6' - The ultimate routine

Do you know 6 card repeat routines? I HATE them! But in 2010 I have decided to create something new, unique, and very different with only 6 cards... I think I succeeded!

"Simply put - SOMA's "6" is stunning! Soma has crafted a beautiful version of the classic six-card-repeat that is guaranteed to receive a standing ovation. Well done!" - Wayne Houchin

I have created a completely new and modern version of the classic 6 card repeat routine. A trick that fits both parlour and stage conditions. You can perform this amazing routine in a living room at a birthday party, or on a stage in a 600 seat theater. It does not matter. It always plays well!

The package includes:
-2 full decks of special cards
-Training DVD - language: english
-additional performing tips

This is a trick that fits in your pocket, is easy to do, and always gets a great reaction. I perform the '6' in pretty much every show I do, because people always love it.

Mark Oberon told me, that I even fooled him. Rick Rerrill told me this was one of the best 6 card repeat routines he has ever seen. Do you need any better than that?

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