This DVD will show you the detailed development process of Soma’s world champion ‘Phone Act’. Including ideas, thoughts, and feelings from other world champions.


Do you know 6 card repeat routines? I HATE them! But in 2010 I have decided to create something new, unique, and very different with only 6 cards... I think I succeeded!

49.95 USD

Card magic meets Facebook. Take you card magic to the 21st century! 16 fully explained routines and much-much more! It's time to give meaning to your card magic!

15.99 USD

City Prediction is a true miracle performed on the spectators iPhone in his/her hand. It is so unexplainable, it will leave the audience speechless and amazed.

3.99 USD

Super visual magic trick possible on ANY iphone X, where you can move the top-notch (black bar on the top ot the iPhone X) to different places on the iPhone.

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