"Probably the best lecture we've ever had!" - David Swein, IBM


Soma's world-class lecture consists of 2 parts. The first part examines the subtle connection between the kind of magic and type of music we choose to use. Even if you don't perform with any audio, it's still worth listening to Soma pass along his experiences on the subject. His expertise guides you to make better decisions about your theatrical choices. Everyone can benefit from this kind of useful knowledge and you're guaranteed to pick up a gem.

In the second half of the SOMA lecture, learn clever stage magic, expand your mind thinking about new theory and gain some powerful parlor and close-up routines he uses with great success. Rope, coins, cards. Have no fear, it's all covered.

By the end, you'll walk out of Soma's lecture with a new ideas, be refreshed on old ones and filled with memories of a thoroughly enjoyable time with the current International Grand Champion of Magic.

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