"Declaring something impossible, is only the lack of faith in yourself." - Soma


Magic is not only a profession for Soma, it's his life. Throughout the past decade Soma has developed a unique way of entertainment, which took him all around the world. His original phone-act, acclaimed by his peers as "magic as unique, and as original as it gets", appeared in gala-shows and magic conventions all around Europe, the United States and Asia. He has won many prizes in many countries.

The main objective of Soma's magic is to deliver an experience never seen before. A professional way of entertainment: That is the purest expression of what he does.


Soma started competing in 2000, and have won over 30 international awards in the following 10 years. Soma was one of the youngest person in the history of magic to win the most prestiougus price in the world of magic, the title of World Champion.

A few of Soma's most important awards:

2011 - Merlin Awards - Most original magician 2011' award
010 - “The Stage’s Young Star” awarded by Budapest Circus
2009 - Winner of the Magic Oscars - 'Madrakes d'Or'

2009 - GRAND PRIX winner at the World Championships of magic
2009 - World Champion in General magic
2009 - Winner of the Golden Lion's head in Las Vegas
2009 - Winner of the Golden Rings in Switzerland
From 2000 to 2008 - Five times Hungarian national champion

Besides these awards Soma has one many other awards in many other coutries around the world.


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